Daniel is an Toronto based artist. Creating images referencing historical past, his work allows him to explore his inner fantasies by combining childhood memories and contemporary issues.

In his newest body of work, Daniel rediscovers his inner childhood like curiosity with the help of the extensive collection within the Green vault in Dresden. His work manipulates the objects and sceneries around Dresden and its surroundings and portrays a new fictional story using characters and objects from reality. He hopes to display his boyhood like personality through the paintings to provide the viewer a unique perspective inside his inner world.

B. 1990, Hong Kong, based in Toronto, Canada

Selected Exhibitions:

The Black Cat’s 3rd annual, Salon of Inclusiveness, 2016, Black Cat Gallery (Toronto)

Why The @#&! Do You Paint?: Go Figure, 2016, Gladstone Hotel (Toronto)

Bright Lights At Night, 2016, Red Head Gallery (Toronto)

Drawing On The Past, 2014, BAF Studio (Vancouver)

Tokyo Art Book Fair 2014, 2014, Kyoto University of Art and Design (Tokyo)

The Big Draw Silent Auction, 2014, OCAD University (Toronto)

The Sex Show, 2014, Gallery 1313 (Toronto)

The Eco Art Show, 2014, Gallery 1313 (Toronto)

The Toronto Artist Project, 2013, Better Living Centre (Toronto)

97th Annual Graduate Exhibition, 2012, OCAD University (Toronto)


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